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Thursday, April 23, 2015 11:49AM
By elaine zelker
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Can't wait for my first order from USB Memory Direct to come in 8 days!!


Loving the look!!


Great company, friendly and FAST!! :)


Check them out here!!

USB Memory Direct



Wednesday, April 01, 2015 11:54AM
By elaine zelker
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It's finally here!! 



I have been photographing women for the past 6 years and my number one goal is to make them look and feel BEAUTIFUL! I don't just want to photograph you, I want to CAPTURE you! I want your true self to shine, and more importantly, I want you to feel like a million bucks.  Consider this a gift to yourself, a girls day out & a reason to celebate you! I invite you to a peronal session with me and my team.  

I promise you will look at yourself differently if you do.  

Are you ready to be Captured?  

~ Contemporary Portraiture for Women ~ 


We will start with a phone consultation to uncover the "look" that most fits you. Vintage? Contemporary? 1920's?

Then the fun begins! I will work with my team of stylists, vendors and make-up artist and plan out your shoot. We

will shoot 4 different looks.  After the shoot, you will see an on-line proofing gallery and choose your top 12 images.

 You will be presented with a Folio Box with 12-8x10 prints and your 12 digital files. 

(Additional Prints, Gallery Wraps, Digital Downloads, and Albums can be added)

(payment plans available as well)


Prepare on spending a few hours at the studio.


Let me Capture the true you!


Call me for a personal consultation: 908-872-0987 


email: elaine@elainezelkerphotography.com








Monday, March 30, 2015 11:46AM
By elaine zelker
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1st time in front of the camera RACHEL...and she did FANTASTIC!!

We did some EZP standard Head Shots first with my delicious grey backdrop, then hit the city streets of Easton, PA to capture some outside shots as well.  Even in the 36 degree weather, we still captured the true essence of Rachel!! 


Photography: Elaine Zelker

Make-Up Artist: Alisha Nycole


(did I mention, I LOVE what I do!!)



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For more information or booking:




xo, Elaine

Saturday, March 28, 2015 11:51AM
By elaine zelker
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Great times last night at Dannielle's Sweet 16 Party at Green Pond Country Club in Bethlehem, PA.  

Great group of kids from Notre Dame H.S. Enjoy the sneak peek! 





For more information or bookings: elaine@elainezelkerphotography.com 


happy birthday, dannielle!!

Friday, March 27, 2015 3:27PM
By elaine zelker
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Happy Friday!! Here's a re-cap from a Head Shot Shoot I did last week.  


She walked into the studio and I immediately admired her young, smooth, creamy skin! She sat at the make up counter (with the amazing Alisha Nycole) and they went to work.  30-mins later she shy-ly got behind the lights and knocked it out of the park!! Then proceeded to tell me she was 41! WHOA!!! WHAT?? No way!!!  Here is Kathryn!!! (Threw in some fun shots as well!!)



Elaine Zelker

make-up by:





Have a great weekend!! 

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015 5:52PM
By elaine zelker
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Model: Naomi B.  | Makeup/Hair: Alisha Nycole

 Stylists: Elaine Zelker & Jenny Martineau (assisted day of shoot by Allison Conway) 

Outfits: Special Vintage Finds :)


Behind the Scenes VIDEO can be seen Elaine's FB page: Elaine Zelker Photography


Website: www.ElaineZelkerPhotography.com |  Instagram:  instagram.com/elainezelkerphotography





For more information on booking, email: Elaine@elainezelkerphotography.com


Wednesday, February 25, 2015 4:56PM
By elaine zelker
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Model: Korinne C.  | Makeup/Hair: Alisha Nycole

 Stylists: Elaine Zelker (assisted day of shoot by Jenny Martineau & Aly Kunes 

Outfits: Purple Dress (Elaine Zelker)

Black Hat/Corset & Pink Tulle Dress: PHYLLIS's Vintage Shop, Easton, PA

Website: www.ElaineZelkerPhotography.com |  Instagram:  instagram.com/elainezelkerphotography




THANKS to: Alisha, Jenny, Aly, Phyllis and especially the gorgeous, Korinne!! xo


The final images:



If interested in a stylized shoot or information: elaine@elainezelkerphotography.com


Which is your favorite? Comment below :)

Tuesday, January 06, 2015 8:33AM
By elaine zelker
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Head Shots by Elaine Zelker Photography


{Peter Hurley Head Shot Associate}


{See how I became an Peter Hurley Associate HERE}


 Head Shots are an essential for actors and models.  For professionals, most likely your image shows up on-line, on sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter or LinkedIn, or your own personal website…and it’s that first impression that will showcase you the most.  “Selfies” will not cut it.


You need a head shot that is current, high quality and one that showcases YOU.  We will attain that goal together. I want you to leave an impression on-line or with your comp card that instantly tells who you are. You only have one chance to make a first impression.





The Session


I typically shoot 3-5 different looks during the session. The goal is to get some “crazy good” shots that you are happy with. I will shoot you in an array of styles, poses and facial expressions.  I normally shoot anywhere from 200-400 images during a session. This will help us get the head shot you are looking for. Afterward, we will sit down together and review all of the images on my computer and begin the approval process. After the approval process is complete, we are left with 30-60 final images, which are then uploaded to a private on-line, pass code protected proof gallery. This will allow you to go through the images on your own at home or to give access to anyone else that might be helping you with the final decision process, such as your agent, family or friends. Plan on being at the studio for 2-3 hours.





Editing and Printing 


Once you have decided on your final 5 images, I begin the final editing process, which is done by me.  Once complete, the images are ready for online use or for printing. The final images will be sent to you on-line via “Dropbox” or on a CD via the mail.  You will own your 5 images and I will include a print release form. For quality control, I prefer you print through me for the highest quality leave behind available.  (Please don’t spend the money on great images then print them at Walgreens or Walmart…)  




First and foremost, bring clothing that you like. I ask that you bring several outfits with you to the session, as I normally shoot 3-5 different looks. Since we are doing head shots, you only need to bring tops (please iron beforehand).  Tank tops, solid tops, t-shirts, professional attire is great, but logos, or busy (zigzag or polka dots) prints are a no-no.  However, if you only wear bowties, then bring your bowties!!  You want to showcase YOU, not your outfit. Women, simple earrings only. No necklaces or scarves. If you want them in a few shots, that’s ok, but not recommended. 




Hair & Makeup 




I strongly suggest that you hire a professional to do your hair and make-up. While there is an extra cost associated with this service (about $40 to $100), hiring a professional make-up artist will not only enhance your experience, but also allow you to concentrate on your shoot.  Professional make-up artists know how to bring out the best in you, and know how to make you “camera-ready”. I work with a couple of great make-up artists in the area, who I can highly recommend.  You can hire your own make-up artist and come to the session ready to start shooting, OR if you feel you can do your own hair and make-up, please keep it natural.  I always recommend the “less is more” theory, we can always add, not take away…



Style your hair as if you are going for an audition or a business meeting. For women with long hair, it’s best to have your hair down to start. We will also have you put it up in a ponytail for an alternative look (bring hair ties). 



No makeup. If you have a break out on the day of the shoot, I will edit it out.  Moisturize in the morning if you can. If you want the “scruff” look, come unshaven. You can shave at the studio afterwards for a clean look. All other men, come clean-shaven.


Most importantly, both women and men should moisturize their lips. Dry chapped lips are hard to retouch. Start this process a few days before the shoot.


Cost & Scheduling 


The cost of the Standard Head Shot Session is $325 with a $100 deposit due at booking. A smaller, shorter session for 45 minutes is also available with 2 final edited images for $149. 

If you are interested in booking a head shot session with me or if you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact me: elaine@elainezelkerphotography.com.


Thursday, December 18, 2014 4:43PM
By elaine zelker
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I joined PH2PRO about one year ago (an online mentoring site for headshot photographers, created by a world renowned photographer, Peter Hurley), and I thought I knew a thing or two about headshot photography…boy, was I wrong!


The journey I took was challenging, humbling and rewarding. I learned that it’s ok if you hear, ‘it’s not good enough, or you need work, or what kind of operation are you running” and not feel so bruised that you can’t continue on. I learned to listen to my critiques from Peter and the other Associates on the site, learn from them, change things around and give it another go-around.


I began perfecting and sharpening my skills; studied and continued to mess up, try again, mess up, and then try again. I learned from Peter that client’s mustn’t just show up and just smile. It’s about me telling their story in one single image. I learned about hurleyisms, squinching, micro-expressions, the tilt, the lights, subtle changes in posing, psyphotology and so much more.


On December 17, 2014 I become one of his PH2PRO Associate Photographers. PH2 Associates are photographers that Peter personally recommends as a go-to photographer for headshots based on their quality of work; based on his quality of work. Peter does not give these nominations away so easily.


There are 6,602 photographers from 110 countries that have submitted 37,025 photos. There are currently 56 chosen Associates under Peter. They are from all around the world; including various U.S. Cities, Denmark, United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, New Zealand and Dubai (just to name a few).


It’s an extreme honor to be a part of this team. At times it was not easy, and I felt like throwing in the towel. That’s where the other “elite” team members came into play. The support you get from the established Associate members and Mentors who have been around longer is bar none! They really do care about helping and getting you to the next level. They are all honest, and if you are ready to embark on this adventure to step up your head shot photography game, then join on in!



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