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OLPR Leather Camera Strap Unboxing & Review
Thursday, March 01, 2018
OLPR Leather Camera Strap Unboxing & Review

OLPR – LEATHER CAMERA STRAP, UNBOXING & ReviewHow lucky am I to be given the opportunity to test out an amazing product by a new company here in the USA!! (and, one of my FAVE states…North Carolina!!) It all started in the Ukraine…when these four creative’s decided to take their passion on the road. They crafted leather goods and since most of their customers (of whom love fine leather products) were in the US, and shipping was taking too long, they decided to move to the States!! Their company is located in Mooresville, NC. Their workshop is part of the buildings that belonged to the historic Mooresville Cotton Mills. What a way to bring textiles back!! Love it!!They sell items from camera straps, to wallets, watch straps, aprons, passport covers, pet supplies…just to name a few! My initial thoughts:• You can customize the leather goods!• Camera strap is perfect length and sturdy• Full grain leather • (and it smells fabulous!)•Many colors• Great for gifts for everyone you know!! For the Camera strap seen in this video:Main Store: OLPR STORE MY INSTAGRAM:@elainezelker For more Videos: MY YOUTUBE VIDEOS  

7 Tips for making Family Photos Easy and FUN!
Tuesday, January 02, 2018
OLPR Leather Camera Strap Unboxing & Review

 Here are 7 Tips for Making Family Photos Easy and Fun! Having great family photos means so much to many families. You will love flipping through the photos years to come and love seeing them framed on your walls. It’s amazing to see how everyone changes over the years. However, taking the photos is another story. It can be stressful and sometimes painful for you (and the photographer). So here are some tips to make the day memorable, not frightening! Find a photographer that is right for you. Don’t just go by word of mouth. Look at their FB page, their Instagram, their website, and Pinterest. You will be able to determine if you are a “match” to their style right away. Some shoot indoors only, or outdoors only. Check with that as well.Decide on a date & location ahead of time. Do you want springtime photos? Beach photos? Do you want to play in the snow? Make sure you discuss your options with your photographer in advance to secure a location and time. And remember, if you are shooting at a public venue; make sure to check if you need permits or if there are any events going on beforehand.Props: it is usually the responsibility of the family to bring props. Examples may include blankets, picture frames, matching clothing/scarves/hats, or toys for kids. But, be sure to discuss ahead of time, for the photographer may want to bring props as ...

Elegant. Classic. Ballerina.
Saturday, October 14, 2017
OLPR Leather Camera Strap Unboxing & Review

For her 14th birthday...Carly's parents chose to surprise her with a fun, personalized photoshoot! What fun we had! Her grace and presence were well beyond her 14 years. Enjoy the sneak peek!!   

Headshot Happy Hour
Wednesday, March 16, 2016
OLPR Leather Camera Strap Unboxing & Review

   At a Headshot Happy Hour, we make the process of getting quality, hip, professional and social headshots both easy and affordable. And stress-free. Besides meeting in a YOUR environment, you're in the best of hands. Elaine Zelker, has been a headshot photographer for more than a 6 years, trained by the most famous and well-known headshot photographer in the world, Peter Hurley, and now she mentors other photographers. She'll guide you every step of the way.Voila. It’s that easy. And fun. Super fun.  You pick a date, and I'll bring the studio to you!If you need more....we also offer individual sessions, and a full BRANDING package, which includes photos, headshots and video: CLICK HERETHANKS! Elaine Zelker  

Sexy and desired, ileostomy bag and all...
Monday, December 21, 2015
OLPR Leather Camera Strap Unboxing & Review

Sexy and desired, ileostomy bag and all... After I saw the Amy Schumer "somewhat nude" image going around on the internet, I put it out there, on my photography page, offering 5 free shoots to anyone willing and brave enough to do something like that!! The next day, I met Shelbie at a LV Style Magazine shoot and she was 100% all in to do a shoot...but there was something more.  This past summer, her body was permanently is her story.   "One day after doing this shoot I went on my first date since having my colon removed back in July 2015. I was nervous for the obvious reasons. What are we going to talk about? Is he going to think I’m funny or weird? Is my hair too frizzy? But I wasn’t nervous about telling him about my ostomy. I thought to myself, “I don’t have a colon anymore and that’s OK.”  I have been living with Crohn’s Disease for 10 years now, so you could say I’ve gotten pretty comfortable with having a “pooping disease.” Before my surgery I showed no outward signs for having the disease except for when I was running to the bathroom with an expression of panic and agony. If I did tell people about it I would brush it off and say, “Oh it basically causes stomach pain and occasional diarrhea.” I tried to spare them the truth in order to hide my ...

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